Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Revert And Get Back

I have decide that I should expand the discussion on words with very close meanings, and include phrases with close meanings as well. Afterall, my target is to point out the most common errors and misunderstandings on usage of English words and phrase, so as to benefit more to those who reads my blog.

Let me introduce Revert and Get Back. In my area of work where I have to deal with hundreds of emails every week ( I am considered lucky. I have heard thousands!), I practically come across the phrase, "please kindly revert to me by *some-dates*" you may wish to know that this phrase is wrong.

Revert as a verb, refers to returning back to previous state, position, configurations, status. Example: our company has reverted back to a 5-day working week, after realizing that staff's productivity is low on Saturday.

Is there a need to explain Get Back? Yes! Let's make it simple, it means either to reply or an eye for an eye. Example, please kindly get back to me on the attendance.OR I admit I used her to get back at him.

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