Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Maybe And May Be

This is probably another common mistake people always make. I always thought Maybe is either a broken English word, or a slang. To my surprise, Maybe is really an English word! So what is the difference? Can both be used to represent the same meaning?

Maybe is an adverb. It is often used to represent a suggestion of fact, status or decision; its elaborating a possibility. Example, Maybe She will come back someday.

May Be is an auxilary verb. It is used to state a possible outcome in the future on a particular subject. Example, The skills of making money online may be packaged as a course in future.

Hope this helps to clarify certain doubts you have over the use of these words.

On a similar note. May Be and Might Be are not just simply different tenses. May Be is used to emphasize a strong possible outcome than Might Be.

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