Sunday, 2 October 2011

Simple And Simplistic

I loved to use the word Simplistic as compared to Simple all the time. Not only because Simplistic sounds more polished, the word is also academically longer. It was until a friend corrected me that I did a check on the Internet and the dictionary, and realized that I was using it inappropriately.

Both words are adjectives. Simple simply refers to uncomplicated, not difficult, easily understood, or fundamental. Example, the answer to this riddle is simple. Or Running errands for my mother is a simple task.

Simplistic refers to over simplifying issues or problems, than its actual complexity. Especially causing end results or outcome less worthy or sophisticated than it should be, which resulted in less credit than it is given for. Example: The simplistic minature of the Effiel Tower, could not bring out it's true beauty and the sophisticated design.

Hope this explanation is useful. If you need another example, The blog is simple but effective; and is definitely not simplistic.

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